|   COMPLAINING THE GRIEVANCE UNDER MahaRERA    |   Promoter Responsibilities under Section 11 of the RERA Act    |   Advancing Real Estate Excellence: MahaRERA’s Paradigm for Quality Assurance    |   Legal Scrutiny of Maharashtra RERA’s Quality Assurance Guidelines for Real Estate Ventures: A Comprehensive Analysis    |   Approaching RERA if you have booked a Flat in an On-Going Project    |   Legal Status of an Allotment Letter issued by a Builder while Booking a Flat    |   Analyzing Fictitious NOCs in Real Estate: Dera Bassi Case, Registration Act, IPC Consequences, and Judicial Precedents, Emphasizing Accountability in Indian Property Transactions.    |   Revolutionizing Real Estate Oversight: MahaRERA Introduces Three-Tier Audit System for Housing Projects    |   The Financial Burden of Land Acquisition: Exploring Kerala’s Case in National Highway Development    |   From Limbo to Luxury: SC Order Paves the Way for Palais Royale, but Regulatory Shadows Linger    |   A Plea for Resurgence: NAREDCO’s Pre-Budget Recommendations for India’s Real Estate Sector    |   Affordable Housing Finance: A Strong Case for India Shelter Finance    |   Navigating the Complex Terrain: Land Acquisition in India – A Comprehensive Analysis of Legal, Social, and Environmental Dimensions    |   Realtors Cash in on Growth Opportunity in Smaller Cities    |   Will Real State Premiums get snipped? The Government holds the scissors    |   SBI Plans to Raise AT-1 Bonds Due to Growth in Credit    |   Restaurant on Beach: PIL against Illegal Construction on Beach    |   Pooja Bedi’s 20-Year Legal Triumph Over Contested Will    |   Unravelling the Extortion Charges: Coercing New Flat Buyers to Foot the Bill for Building Painting in Mumbai    |   Adopting Non-FSI Area Domains for Green Nod    |   NGT’s Call for Urgent Environmental Reforms    |   Small and Medium REITs: SEBI nod to promote Investment and Liquidity.    |   Can India Confiscate the Properties of Vijay Mallya?    |   Real Estate Regulation Act 2016: A Game Changer for Indian Real Estate    |   Township Policy in Maharashtra    |   SEBI’s Leap: Elevating Investor Trust in Fractional Ownership & Delisting    |   How to save your Interest while buying a Flat?    |   Deemed Rental Income on House Property    |   Creating a Portfolio of Rental Properties – How the law can help you in owning and managing them    |   Using Arbitration as a Tool to resolve Landlord-Tenant (Licensor-Licensee) Disputes:    |   Division of property between husband and wife after divorce    |   Purchase and Sale of Property - The Legal Basics and How to go About It    |   Procedure for formation of a Housing Society    |   Important Aspects of Share Certificate of a Housing Society    |   Procedure for Admission of new members into a housing society    |   How to Contest Elections to the Managing Committee of a Housing Society    |   Procedure for Nomination in Housing Societies    |   Rights of an Associate Member in Housing Societies    |   EXPULSION OF MEMBERS FROM HOUSING SOCIETIES    |   Vikas Valley Residents Secure Environmental Restoration Through NGT Order   

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