How to Study the Building Plans uploaded on RERA Website? Decision-making for Homebuyers:

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Under Section 4 of the Real Estate Regulation Act of 2016, it is compulsory for every builder to upload scanned copies of his building plans on the RERA website. He is supposed to upload the layout plan, parking plan, floor plan and the building cross-section plan on the website. This would enable prospective home-buyers to analyse and study them before deciding whether to invest in the project or not.

Types of Sanctioned Building Plans Uploaded on RERA by the Developer:

There are different types of sanctioned plans required to be uploaded by the Developer under Section 4. Section 2(zq) of the RERA Act defines the term “Sanctioned Plan”. Sanctioned Plan means (i) the Site Plan (ii) Building Plan (iii) Service Plan (iv) Parking and Circulation Plan (v) Landscape Plan (vi) Layout Plan (vii) Zoning Plan and (viii) Structural Designs. In addition, various other types of building plans as required under different municipal bye-laws are also required to be uploaded.

Each of the above-mentioned plans is of critical importance from the perspective of fire safety, parking convenience, recreational spaces and quality of life. Any flaws or shortcomings in the project become apparent when a careful study of the said plans is carried out. Therefore it is advisable to download these plans from the RERA website and study them in detail before a decision to invest in the project is taken.

Different Types of Sanctioned Plans – Simply Explained:

Site Plan: Contains a drawing of the entire plot area of the building along with descriptions of the neighbouring streets and surrounding areas;

Building Plan: A technical plan of the building and its plinth outline. This would include the plinth area plan, floor plan and the vertical cross-section plan;

Service Plan: Depicts the layout of various utilities and services, such as water pipelines, electrical and plumbing works and the fire-fighting system;

Landscape Plan: Depicts the garden, park and green areas in the building. This is crucial for enhancing the quality of life, health and fitness of building residents.

Parking and Circulation Plan: Will show the layout and arrangement of all parking spaces within the building complex. It will comprise the basement, stilt and podium plans showing the parking spots and their access routes, such as driveway, ramp or car-lift;

Layout Plan: Layouts are prepared when a single plot has more than one building being constructed on it. The layout plan shows the location of the different buildings within the plot along with their respective means of access, recreational and open spaces.

Zoning Plan: Extremely important from the municipal standpoint. The zoning plan gives an indication of whether the building is situated in the residential, commercial or industrial zone. Violation of zoning laws is a serious illegality which can result in the building being sealed or demolished.

Structural Drawings: These are technical drawings which depict various structural elements of the building, such as beams, slabs or columns. Key engineering details are given in the structural drawings. Once the building completes and exits the project, such structural drawings will play a crucial role in the maintenance and upkeep of the society.

How to Detect Frauds and Violations in Sanctioned Plans:

Fraud detection in the sanctioned plans begins first with the Zoning Plan. If it is a residential building, the home buyer must verify whether it is situated in the residential zone or not. The residential zone is demarcated in the development plan of the city, which is a public document available on the municipal website.

After the zoning plan, the home buyer must study the Site Plan. The site plan depicts the location and outline of the entire building plot vis-a-vis the surrounding streets and neighbouring areas. The site plan will depict whether the developer has surrendered any land for road widening or not. It will also indicate whether the public road has adequate width and capacity to handle vehicular traffic going in and out from the building.

The Parking and Circulation Plan is an extremely crucial document which depicts the arrangement of parking spots within the building. The parking spots are usually situated in the basement, plinth or the podium. One must verify whether the dimensions of the respective parking spaces are adequate to accommodate large vehicle sizes, particularly SUVs. In several projects problems have arisen where developers have provided extremely small parking spots, making manoeuvring of vehicles extremely difficult.

The Landscape Plan is of utmost priority when it comes to ensuring quality of life in the housing society. The landscape plan contains details of all garden areas in the building which are to be planted with trees. It also contains details of swimming pools and club houses, which form part of the recreational spaces. In numerous instances developers have reportedly reduced or skimmed the green areas, thereby compromising the health and fitness of building residents. Therefore by studying the landscape plan the home-buyer can verify whether the developer has provided adequate green spaces or not.

Finally, the Fire Safety and Layout Plans are of fundamental importance when it comes to measuring the requisite open spaces between buildings. In the Supertech Emerald Court case the Allahabad High Court ordered demolition of the skyscrapers because the open spaces between them was less than the prescribed norms. Whether each building has the necessary open spaces for maneuvering of fire engines can be ascertained from the Layout Plan. Therefore it must be properly studied prior to investing in the apartment.

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