Family, Marriage & Divorce Law

Custody & Guardianship Rights of Pets

Indian law makes no provision for how courts are to decide who gets the custody of their pet animal. In fact, until recently all courts classified animals as “property” under the law and therefore legal issues pertaining to custody of the pet were framed in terms of ‘ownership’. […]

Family, Marriage & Divorce Law

Custody & Guardianship Rights of Parents Who are Not Married

Indian society has always discriminated against those who are not born out of wedlock. This non-acceptance has made the issue of child custody of illegitimate children a delicate matter. The custody rights of unmarried individuals are different from those who are married. […]


Rights and Duties of Home Buyers under RERA

A home buyer has the right to lodge a complaint under RERA and claim a refund of interest paid and interest and compensation from the manufacturer, in case the builder fails to comply or is unable to obtain the goods in terms of the terms of the sale agreement or as a result of termination suspension or revocation of his registration […]