By Aditya Pratap, Lawyer in Bombay High Court
Did You Know

Taser and Stun Guns in India: Are they legal?

It’s a common myth that the use and possession of stun guns are banned and illegal in India, which is completely untrue. Stun Guns are actually considered as “less lethal weapons” in India, and the possession and use of these stun guns is absolutely legal. […]

Family, Marriage & Divorce Law

Imposition of Morality: Status of Live-in in India

Live-in relationships are not legalised, that is, there is no special statute which governs them but there are ample examples in the form of Judicial precedents to give them legal recognition or prevent the outright dismissal of existence of such relationship in the society in addition to the Domestic Violence Act,2005. […]

Aviation Law

Drones Regulations in India

The new provisions apply to all persons seeking to own or possess, or seeking to engage in importing, exporting, manufacturing, trading, leasing, operating, transferring or maintaining a UAS in India […]