Law & COVID-19

Judiciary’s Response to Covid: Justifiable or Overreach ?

Allahabad High Court’s order directing the Uttar Pradesh government to impose lockdown in 5 selected cities till April 26 (which has now been stayed by the Supreme Court) and Delhi High Court’s order to ban industrial use of oxygen may invite questions over the validity and binding value of such orders. […]

India needs to know

Cashless Health Insurance Payments – A COVID-19 Convenience or Disaster ?

Cashless claims means that the policy holder does not have to pay cash to the network hospital. Instead, the bills will be settled between the hospital and the insurance company. Even during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals had started refusing cashless facility for COVID-19 patients. […]

Current Affairs

The Future of Office Spaces Post-COVID-19 – Adopting the Prevention Through Design Approach:

COVID-19 has gravely impacted the workplace, with large-scale shutdowns of offices, restaurants and malls being the norm everywhere. Being mostly categorised as ‘Assembly buildings’, the dense crowds of people occupying these establishments made them potent […]

Labour, Employment and Service Law

Workplace Hygiene Post-COVID-19 – Adapting Labour Laws to Mandate Social Distancing and Mandatory Disinfection:

The global onslaught of COVID-19 has once again brought the issue of workplace hygiene into public limelight. India has hitherto fared poorly in matters of workplace health and safety, with industrial accidents and workplace-contracted infections […]