Banking and Finance

Gold is God’s Money – Let People Freely Buy, Keep and Trade in It – How the Gold Control Act of 1968 tormented India:

Gold is God’s money. It can neither be printed nor inflated. When the price of gold rises, it’s a sign that the value of printed fiat money is declining, prompting the people to rush towards […]

Current Affairs

The Future of Office Spaces Post-COVID-19 – Adopting the Prevention Through Design Approach:

COVID-19 has gravely impacted the workplace, with large-scale shutdowns of offices, restaurants and malls being the norm everywhere. Being mostly categorised as ‘Assembly buildings’, the dense crowds of people occupying these establishments made them potent […]

Labour, Employment and Service Law

Workplace Hygiene Post-COVID-19 – Adapting Labour Laws to Mandate Social Distancing and Mandatory Disinfection:

The global onslaught of COVID-19 has once again brought the issue of workplace hygiene into public limelight. India has hitherto fared poorly in matters of workplace health and safety, with industrial accidents and workplace-contracted infections […]