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Gold is God’s Money – Let People Freely Buy, Keep and Trade in It – How the Gold Control Act of 1968 tormented India:

Gold is God’s money. It can neither be printed nor inflated. When the price of gold rises, it’s a sign that the value of printed fiat money is declining, prompting the people to rush towards […]

By Aditya Pratap, Lawyer in Bombay High Court
Did You Know

Taser and Stun Guns in India: Are they legal?

It’s a common myth that the use and possession of stun guns are banned and illegal in India, which is completely untrue. Stun Guns are actually considered as “less lethal weapons” in India, and the possession and use of these stun guns is absolutely legal. […]

Criminal Law

The Dilemma in Interpreting Hate Speech

in the recent case of ‘Amish Devgan vs Union of India’ the apex court has tried to elaborate on the contents of a hate speech. The judgment sets a new test for the evaluation of hate speeches, which has sparked numerous discussions and controversies […]

Criminal Law

Mehul Choksi a Classic RAW Operation!

The alleged entrapment of Mehul Choksi by a woman and his carriage to Dominican Republic by a boat was a classic example of RAW operations, hats off to India’s intelligence. Now the next challenge begins on how to bring him back. […]

Banking and Finance

Green Bond – An Investment in Sustainable Future

A fixed-income instrument or fixed income securities is a debt instrument issued by a government, corporation or other entity to finance and expand their operations. It provides investors a return in the form of fixed periodic payments and eventual return of principal at maturity. […]