Law & COVID-19

Judiciary’s Response to Covid: Justifiable or Overreach ?

Allahabad High Court’s order directing the Uttar Pradesh government to impose lockdown in 5 selected cities till April 26 (which has now been stayed by the Supreme Court) and Delhi High Court’s order to ban industrial use of oxygen may invite questions over the validity and binding value of such orders. […]


Modification in the Autopayment Guidelines, 2020 by RBI

The RBI circulated a statement suggesting changes in the autopayment rules for utility or other such recurring payments done via Debit/credit card or UPI. This was brought forward by the RBI and presented to all banks operating in India as a measure for avoiding risks or frauds related to automated payments via your debit/credit cards or UPI. […]


Rights and Duties of Home Buyers under RERA

A home buyer has the right to lodge a complaint under RERA and claim a refund of interest paid and interest and compensation from the manufacturer, in case the builder fails to comply or is unable to obtain the goods in terms of the terms of the sale agreement or as a result of termination suspension or revocation of his registration […]