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A Guide to Car-Parking Norms for Buildings in Greater Noida

Car parking requirements for buildings in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh are governed by the Greater Noida Industrial Development Area Building Regulation, 2010. These regulations are applicable to all areas falling with the jurisdiction of the […]

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The Future of Office Spaces Post-COVID-19 – Adopting the Prevention Through Design Approach:

COVID-19 has gravely impacted the workplace, with large-scale shutdowns of offices, restaurants and malls being the norm everywhere. Being mostly categorised as ‘Assembly buildings’, the dense crowds of people occupying these establishments made them potent […]

Family Marriage and Divorce Law

Family, Marriage & Divorce Law

The issue of Parent-Child Custody.

What is Child custody? The custody of a child is decided by keeping in mind its welfare. Many of us have heard a lot about parent and child custody battles. In the news especially there […]

Family, Marriage & Divorce Law

How to Obtain Divorce by Mutual Consent?

Divorce, in legal parlance, is the dissolution of a marriage by a court of law. It marks the end of a marriage, a stage where a husband and wife are no longer bound by marital […]

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Drafting a Non-Disclosure Agreement – Key Points for Consideration:

Introduction – Need for Non-Disclosure Agreements In business, there are numerous instances in which One party want to share confidential information with another party. But the party sharing its confidential information to another party is […]