Real Estate Law

Real Estate and Property

Impacts of Relegious Conversion on Property Rights

Introduction  Religion is a very sensitive and personal aspect of individual’s life and the constitution of India guarantees the freedom of conscience and religion to people of all denominations.  Thus, a person is free to […]

Family Marriage and Divorce Law

Family, Marriage & Divorce Law

Imposition of Morality: Status of Live-in in India

Live-in relationships are not legalised, that is, there is no special statute which governs them but there are ample examples in the form of Judicial precedents to give them legal recognition or prevent the outright dismissal of existence of such relationship in the society in addition to the Domestic Violence Act,2005. […]

Family, Marriage & Divorce Law

The issue of Parent-Child Custody.

What is Child custody? The custody of a child is decided by keeping in mind its welfare. Many of us have heard a lot about parent and child custody battles. In the news especially there […]

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Can You Hold the Police Accountable in Cases of Police Brutality ?

The recent increase in protests and agitations has led to an increase in the number of allegations of police brutality in India. Videos of people being ill-treated by police officers is now a common sight, which makes it is essential to know your rights in such situations […]

Criminal Law

The Dilemma in Interpreting Hate Speech

in the recent case of ‘Amish Devgan vs Union of India’ the apex court has tried to elaborate on the contents of a hate speech. The judgment sets a new test for the evaluation of hate speeches, which has sparked numerous discussions and controversies […]

Business and Contract law

Banking and Finance

Green Bond – An Investment in Sustainable Future

A fixed-income instrument or fixed income securities is a debt instrument issued by a government, corporation or other entity to finance and expand their operations. It provides investors a return in the form of fixed periodic payments and eventual return of principal at maturity. […]

Banking and Finance

Easier to list a Start-up after SEBI notifies new rules

SEBI has notified a set of changes to the framework of listing on the Innovators Growth Platform(IGP), a separate exchange venue for new age Start-ups. IGP which was previously named as Institutional trading Platform was introduced by SEBI in 2015.These changes will be effective from May 5. […]